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Side Projects Music Awards 2023

Cllr. Cynthia Barker - Woman of the Year
SPMA 2023


The 4th Side Projects Music Awards selects and give recognition to the passionate Filipino artists and musicians, including event organisers and music producers who have given their utmost best to glue the Filipino community in the UK with their skills and talent in creative music. It is a celebration of camaraderie and entertainment. Past winners were Ooberfuse (Best Live Band), Gerald Rosales (Best Guitarist), Gia Macuja (Best Female Artist), The Boyfriends (Lifetime Achievement Award).


- Prolific Live Band
- Outstanding Solo Artist
- Iconic Guitarist
- Finest Bassist
- Baddest Drummer
- Super Event Organiser
- Music Event of the Year
- Dope Male Artist
- Dominant Female Artist
- Leading Music Venue
- Greatest Emcee
- Hot HipHop Artist
- Cool Keyboardist
- Extraordinary Musician
- Top Music Media

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