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Nitoy. His Music. His Life.


Nitoy’s life in music spans almost half a decade. It runs in the family, with two siblings, Alex and Jun Mallillin, creating timeless hits together that gave impetus to the formation of bands like ABRAKADABRA, the Queen counterpart in the Philippines.


Started as the silent drummer guy but with electrifying sticks of the famed Boyfriends of Octoarts in 70s, Nitoy has always been a multi-talented musician with a signature “falsetto’ voice.

Recently he successfully revived the hits such as Dahil Mahal Kita and Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal, both original music popularized by Boyfriends. He also launched his own single, Happy, Happy, Happy. The last years he was touring with the group called 70s Superband, all Philippine Music Royalties of the Golden Era of 70s.

His brand new 2020 Christmas single "Ngayong Pasko" was written and composed by none other than his late brother Jun Mallillin's son - Port Mallillin. Also in the song features Nitoy's nephews from the Abrakadabra's offsprings.


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